Sunday, November 16, 2008

It is good to be back on a schedule!

Blogging has been a little slow as I am getting back into a schedule of training and balancing/organizing life! I am preparing myself for 2009 and I am feeling like it is going to be a very exciting year filled with lots of good new relationships,great training and racing, and a visit back to my family and home town planned. I shall not race a triathlon until March/April which will give me plenty of time to rebuild myself and be fully prepared for Ironman South Africa. I have not raced there in 3 years. If training goes as planned I shall go there alot more prepared and with alot more confidence than in 2006. In the mean time I have a long winter ahead. This week is meant to be a cold one in NJ so time to bundle up. My Cervelo is a fixture in my living room now.

Today, after a few rainy days,I loaded my mountain bike up and went into the woods. It was a little muddy but alot of FUN! Due to an overnight trip to Atlantic City to see Brian Reagon,(a very funny comedian) I got a late start and headed into the woods in the early afternoon, happily missing the crowds. For some reason mountain biking has become so popular this year especially on the weekends. I enjoy it alot more when it is quiet in the woods. Today I zipped around there by myself just enjoying the fresh air and tried to get a good solid workout in while staying safe too.

I then rushed home to attend a fundraiser for a boy on my road who has Leukemia. Matt Brand has been in the Children Hospital of Philadelphia since February fighting a bone marrow transplant complication. It was so inspiring to see the community come together to help him and his family. Matt has always been a great kid and I wish him well and hope he gets out of the hospital soon.

Around seven I realised I had forgotten all about IMLP on TV today. I have set reminders everywhere for Mondays 5pm showing on Versus tomorrow!


Judy said...

Wow - mountain biking in the woods sounds like a lot of fun - and good luck getting ready for IMSA - can't wait to read the stories and see the pix!

Danny Montoya said...

Welcome back to the "scheduled life" ;-)

Rest weeks sure do go by fast for me!!!

Kim said...

Glad you're back to some scheduled training. I've been a bit lost without it myself and my A race next year won't be until June so I don't want to get started too early. Glad you could attend the dinner and thanks for the verses schedule. We are getting direct TV today and I am excited to have that channel & know some IM's will be on!!