Sunday, November 23, 2008


This was a cold week in NJ and today I had the pleasure of riding in 24 degrees.With a light 5 to ten mile wind, it felt like in the teens. The good news was that it was sunny and did not feel too bad. The ice on the water was a reminder of how chilly it was! There are never too many takers on days like this. But Laura ,John and I headed up the coast for a good 40 mile ride. After doing two of the same workouts once on a mountain bike and once on the road....the road is much harder! I love mountain biking but need to get my hard workouts in.

I have decided in order to not feel like I am totally missing out on being in the woods. I have been going in with my son. This is a slow ride but very rewarding to see my son in action. Today after I had thawed out from my road ride I got warmly dressed again and headed into the woods with him. Our hour loop we have been doing took us 50 minutes today. He is getting faster and trying to get over logs and taking some risks. He did take a good wipe out on a downhill section. But I was thrilled when he took the next downhill like a champ. There is no greater feeling than turning your kids onto something you love!

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