Friday, November 28, 2008

Gentle Yoga!

My friend Maggie has been asking me for months to go to yoga with her. So I decided while the schedule is light maybe not a bad idea. So we rush into the class after swim to find of course that we are the youngest two there. The instructor asks if we are aware that it is gentle yoga! Maggie assures her that's just what I need! I am always on the go...never a chance to just relax...hence we started what was too be an hour of super relaxation and a little meditation. At first I found myself thinking that this was going to be the longest hour and contemplated the best escape route. Maggie refusing to acknowledge my pain. I kept thinking I could do this stretch in 5 seconds and be on to the next. Sadly I found myself competing with others in the class who were twice my age. The instructor told me not to worry about what my neighbors were doing and to focus on my own body....mmmm heard those words before. By the last stretch we were lying on our back, arms at our sides letting go all of our worries and pains. Body part by body part we had to focus on total relaxation. Until yes, I fell into a deep sleep. Out cold...possibly a little drool. A cell phone rang in the distance and I quickly came back to reality as everyone was sitting and uuuuhhhhmmming. Maybe this yoga is for me...I felt like a new person after :-)


Danny Montoya said...

I LOVE yoga! Welcome to the club ;-)

Happy late Thanksgiving!!!

Kim said...

Too funny! Fallen asleep in yoga still counts as yoga as far as I am concerned. In addition, all bodily functions are excusable in yoga just as they are in Ironman - it's all fair game (aka safe zone)! Glad you enjoyed it!

Maggy said...

my name is MaggY.... LOL!!! You and the Budda, too funny! Were you calm then? Doubt it!