Monday, June 2, 2008

Well it was a beautiful weekend at the Jersey Shore. This was a very busy week for me. School activities were at an all time high. I was trying to squeeze in all the volunteering I can because its the end of school. I also started picking up my training volume for Lake Placid therfore by Sunday I was feeling quite tired. I definitely had good solid workouts in all three disciplines. On a 15 x 100 set in the swim I held my fastest times this year. I ran a really solid 10 mile run with a really good intensity for 6 miles of it.(thanks Joe for pushing me) Lastly yesterday I rode an awesome 5 hours with pretty windy conditions on some tired legs. Last night as I lay in bed my body really ached all over. But today was a new day, new week and miraculously after a 4000 yard swim and 1.30 bike I finally felt a little better. All these workouts are great confidence boosters and always reassuring that training is progressing well.
Great job to all my friends that raced this weekend. Linsey, Will and Danielle for making top 10 in Boise 70.3. Tracy amazing race in Oliver, BC. Tom and Scott nice time trial. Ran, Don and Mike ...nice swim at the Navesink. Also to the guys that raced the Black Bear well done.

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