Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sydney Scissor Hands

Summer is here and the kids are out of school which means alot of free time to get up to mischief! I've been doing my workouts early in the morning and again in the evening so I can be around all day to do things with them.
Well the other night I go out for an hour run and my little Sydney decides to get creative with the scissors. I saw the development of this little mishap. Firstly cutting up paper, then string, then an idea sparked up in her little brain. Lets try my hair. There were a few snips around where we were making puppets...not a big deal...just an experiment. But thats pretty much where my attentive husband should have stopped it. Instead it turned into a trip to the bathroom where she went from her long and lovely hair to a shaggy do with a very sad looking half pony left. She finished her cutting job and ran to my husband asking him if she looked beautiful.
My husband speechless could only comment. "Just wait till your mom gets home! We are both going to be in BIG trouble for this one!"
All in an hour run!

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shawn and tracy said...

Oh NO!!!! You must post pic's. I did the same thing when little.