Monday, June 9, 2008

5th place at Eagleman!

Its Monday and I am still in Maryland. We decided to make a little family trip out of this race and we are hanging out here today. It is another brutally hot day here again. Yesterday was record heat with 97 degrees plus and 100 percent humidity. I was actually quite glad I had got to race IM Arizona earlier in the season in similar heat ( dryer of course) as I kept saying to myself on the run its only 13 miles I can tolerate this heat.
Well I was very happy with a 5th place finish.
I knew doing this race was a stretch for me and I really kept the no pressure attitude going through out race day. But I do love coming here to Maryland every year. Rob Vigorito puts on such a quality race and it is always a great atmosphere with alot of good friends participating. This was my first half Ironman I ever did and its always a good gauge of my fitness level at this time of the year. This too was my best result at this race so I am happy to say that I am HAPPY.
My kids are waiting for me at the pool so I shall write a real race report later.
Thanks for all the good wishes. Congrads to all my friends that raced well and finished yesterday. Thanks to Paulo too!

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Andrew said...

Way to go! 5th at Eagleman is an awesome result especially considering that the heat couldnt have been comfortable for a northern girl...