Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Signs that an Ironman is near!

My legs are constantly sore.
I'm up every morning at 4.45 am.
I can't keep up with the loads of sweaty laundry.
My dishwasher is constantly full of water bottles.
My car looks like my wardrobe.
Chlorine is my natural body smell.
My hair is on the verge of turning green.
I take 3 or more showers a day.
My face is always sunburned.
My srm is always being charged.
I'm constantly eating.
I'm constantly in the bathroom.
Infinit Nutrition bottles are all over my kitchen.
My bike is always dirty.
My legs are always sore...oh yes I said that already!
I'm always thinking about how/where I can sneak a nap in.(seldom happens)
The TV is never on!
I'm constantly apologizing for my lack of being social.
I'm always TIRED!


Judy said...

Yep - that sounds about right!! You must be nearing IMLP? How is your weather?

Danny Montoya said...

Yeah! But you would'nt have it any other way!!!!

Keep up the work and smile :)

Jacqui said...

You got that right Danny. I love feeling fit and strong! Don't worry I am still having fun too!

Chris said...

Very well said!!
It's like me, when my Half Ironman was near. Speaking of your later post, you were able to focus and concentrate on all these items.