Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tough Training Day!

Had a bad training day today. I find after too many good training days in a row sooner or later its inevitable that I am going to have a not so great day. Well it happened..I should have seen the signs. Hard good long training day on Sunday...No energy on Monday with some very sore legs. Lack of motivation this morning. I had a three hour bike today. Would have liked to get it over first thing in the morning but had a run right after which was not going to give me enough time to get home to get the kids to school. So dropped off Sydney and then instead of jumping on my bike. Stopped for some tea with a friend. An hour later headed down to Pier Beach to start my bike. Based on the wind I thought I would ride up the coast as their was a west wind. My legs were not feeling so great and by the half hour I decided to reset my srm and restart my ride with a new attitude. I pushed to keep a steady zone 2 ride and after an hour the ride was actually going pretty decent although I was not riding in my aerobars alot as my back was awfully tight. I wanted to ride to the hook ( a stretch of land surrounded by water)as I knew I would get some good wind there(good prep for Eagleman) and I could do a zone 3 interval with few cars to worry about and no stops. A red alert went off when I tried to do my Zone 3 and I had nothing. I figured I would do the best I can and did a second loop in the hook which was pretty windy and then started heading back down the coast.Well surprise surprise the wind had been steadily shifting leaving me with a head on south wind which would take me all the way back to my car. My energy was already feeling pretty low. It was almost one and I had no food on me and no money. Well I still had a pretty decent watts average and thought let me just hold the best watts I can even though I feel awful! By the time I got half way back....I was done! The wind was just mentally wearing me down and I started to have a little meltdown. I contemplated calling someone to pick me up but that would be really lame and unneccesary as I could still ride...I was just tired and cranky! My back was getting more stiff so now I am riding up on my elbow pads...very aero ..and just spinning an easy gear as my knees were jumping in to the list of ailments. Well I made it back and had a good cry in my car. I emailed Paulo who was as sympathetic as could be expected. Reminding me to get my run in later! Not what I felt like hearing! I waited until 8 pm before finally feeling like I could muster up the energy to take my heavy legs for a run. Surprisingly I did not feel too bad. twenty minutes in I actually had a decent pace going and I was actually kind of happy that Paulo had not just told me to rest. It was a good run and a better way to end the day!
A reminder from Paulo " Tomorrow is another day!"


Judy said...

Wow - sounds like everything is going along as to be expected for a heavy load. Way to go to tough it out and get it done!!

Danny Montoya said...

Nice job jacquie!!! Stay strong through the tough days!!!