Friday, June 6, 2008

Eagleman Prep while being a mom!

Its Friday and I am organizing my gear for the race on Sunday. Had my bike checked out by Brielle Cyclery. I was having some shifting problems since Columbia triathlon and noticed that my gears were getting increasingly harder to shift. The other day my friends cable snapped while riding and luckily we were right outside a bike shop! What are the chances! Well Clarence agreed that due to all the HARD winter indoor sessions it may have taken a toll on the bike and kindly changed the cable for me. The next 48 hours shall be very busy for me so I will try be ready to race today. I have both kids testing for their karate new belts.(big production) Inlaws coming down, celebration dinners out, prerace workouts tomorrow,a baseball game, brunch with inlaws, a major Ballet concert, and then the three and a half hour drive down to Maryland with dinner in the car. I shall arrive in time to check my bike in and go to bed...well time to go get organized so I can get to take pictures for FUN day at school...


shawn and tracy said...

Good luck!!! :-)

Danny Montoya said...

Wow! That is a lot on one plate :)
If anyone can handle it, I know it is you Jacquie :)

Best of luck with the race this weekend and the "belt tests"!!

Don't forget to have fun!!!!!!!!!!