Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Sleeping In...what a concept!"

I have been enjoying this down time after racing ironman. I am normally always itching to get back but I know as of Monday my schedule will pick up again. So I have not done anything more than I have to. Easy one and a half hour bike rides, half and hour swims and runs. This is the way the average fit person it is great to have time to actually do lots of stuff other than train. My mind has not really been off triathlon though as Paulo and I have been contemplating a new race plan for the rest of the year. I had qualified for the Worlds Long Distance Elite Team in Almere which I turned down. The day after Lake Placid I was already formulating ideas of what I wanted to do next. Paulo has been very supportive of my decisions and we shall go from there. First step is to make sure I recover well.
Next thing I have been working with Paulo and Clarence from Brielle Cyclery on a new position for me on my bike. I have not been to happy with that and I did not want to change things up before LP but now I am ready after looking at all my new race pics. I shall be sporting a more aero position my next race...yay!
I too was contacted by Adam the sports writer of my local paper to do a Post Lake Placid story! They had heard I qualified for Hawaii which I sadly told him was not true...but he still was interested in an interview so I look forward to seeing the piece!
Well I shall make a point of not posting for a few more days...and enjoying this time with my family and friends!


Al said...

Its good to hear even the pros want to take it easy from training every once in awhile...makes its feel okay for us normal folks to do it too.

Lauren said...

Congrats again on your race! I introduced myself to you at the IMLP awards banquet (I grew up in Point Beach). I will be coming home next weekend and will be getting some training in (of course!). I didn't know if you might have time to link up and get in a ride or swim? I have gone out with the roadies from Brielle Cyclery on the weekends (Cathy keeps me in the loop with riding times) but it would be great to hit the roads with another triathlete! =)

Jacqui said...

Hey Lauren
Hope you are recovering nicely after LP. I shall be around training next weekend so do send me an email and we'll plan on getting together.
Take Care