Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Podium Finish at Lake Placid

Thanks guys for all the good wishes. With constant rain it was one tough day out there on Sunday for most. Especially if you don't hold up well in the cold like myself! I was happy to keep it together despite getting hypothermia and ended up with a 5th place pro finish. This was not my fastest race by any means but it was my most challenging of all. I had to fight with myself to keep the focus that got me through so many hard preparation days. In the end my body won the battle over the mind and surrendered to the cold. I had to run the last few miles in with not much left in the tank and was very happy to run through the finish line and hear that I was an Ironman for the 9th time.
I shall write a full race report soon. Congrads once again to Will Ronco on an amazing race. 1st American and 5th overall. Impressive!


Andrew said...

Way to go, Jacqui! The rain (and cold) must have been very tough mentally but way to fight through it. This is one time you can be thankful those cold, rainy east coast winters ;)

EboR√Ęguebi said...
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Danny Montoya said...

Congrats Jacqui on a hard fought finish! Way to stay in the game through it all!

You should be proud!