Sunday, July 13, 2008

Can we just race now!

I have been enjoying the taper and having some extra time,but I am ready to get this going now! Lets race! I feel like I have been training for this race since last year April when I got my heart set on racing in Lake Placid but had to pull out due to an injury. I have waited a long year and a half and thought about this race often. I don't want to wait any more! I am one week out and I leave for Lake Placid in 2 days. I am very excited to get in my car and start my journey. I like how everything is coming together.
My taper week went well. I did my third ocean 1 mile swim race this week and was really proud of my self constraint. Accidents always seem to happen doing silly things so I was very nervous about running in or out of the ocean and pulling a muscle with the cold water.I decided I would gently make my way over the long sand bank into the deeper water. I watched 200 people run ahead of me across a huge sand bank and dive threw a few bigger than average size waves. I walk/jogged slowly in and once in the water swam as hard as I could to try catch them. I caught at least 150 people (half were 12 and under and very afraid. ) Then on returning I let a few repass me as I walked back out of the water. After the mile swim I went right back in the water and did a second loop. I was quite surprised and happy to be escourted on the way back by a kayaker. When I walked out the water I was quite surprised as people were cheering for me and were yelling to me don't I want a finisher stick. I was the final finisher they were waiting for. I guess the life guard I had told that I was going back in for a second loop forgot to relay the message.
The rest of the training went well. I am really starting to feel some life come back into my legs. YaY!
I picked up my bike from the shop today. Considering I also dropped it off today I am very grateful to Clarence from Brielle who went out of his way to make sure it is race ready!
Lastly before I sign off I want to congratulate Tara Norton for having another great race in Ironman Switzerland...4th overall!
Awesome job in Rhode Island 70.3. I am proud of you guys, Scott I knew you could pull off am amazing race. 4.16 1st in your age group! Dave 4.10 11th overall in your 2nd half ironman. Both had stellar runs under 1.20! Christine 4th in your age group in your first half ironman..amazing! Another solid race Joe 7th in your age group!
Great racing!


Chris said...

Good luck in LP, Jacqui!

shawn and tracy said...

Congrat's on your IM LP race!!!!! You ROCK :-)