Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last night was the JSTC expo and Brielle Cyclery did an awesome job of bringing together a great group of people all eager to support the local sponsors of the club and learn more about the latest in the triathlon industry. It made me very proud to be a part of this sport. It was so good to meet some of the new members and hang out and catch up with good friends. Thank you all for the good wishes for Ironman Lake Placid. Good luck to all of you guys racing in RHODE ISLAND this weekend. Joe,Dave, Scott,Christine you are all going to have great races. It looks like it shall be a really good half ironman.
Thank you Freddy from OAKLEY for getting me ready to race in some awesome womens frames! I love the new style...the enduring pace. They are the best Oakleys I have had yet! It was great to get a run in with you today and hear about the great times you guys have had in Kona. It got me even more fired up to race hard in LP and to put it all out there. Also thanks Bruce from Miles Ahead for the new Avia's. Took them out for a little run light,comfortable and stylish! Its great to have you guys supporting me!

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Judy said...

I love Oakleys!! You lucky duck!!