Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Whats up with the airlines????

I just opened up my bike case. It had been sitting in my garage since IMFL and I decided I really needed to do some trainer work. Well I am furious as once again the airlines are just totally out of hand. They really do not care that you are travelling with a 5000 dollar bike. They had obviously taken my bike out of the box to check for CO2's and never clamped my bike down again. I have one of those large travel cases from Multisports. My bike was just sitting there flopping all around. Well the whole one side of it has had its paint all taken off and it has 3 big chips in the frame. I had covered the bike with a towel and put padding was all taken off. It is bad enough that we now have to pay $300 per flight to travel with our bikes but they treat your bike like S**T. The last time I flew with Delta they charged me over weight. The new rules are 50 pounds...the bike box almost ways that!) They then charged me over size too and another 50 for travelling with a bike! Ridiculous!I am going to have to start shipping my bike.
Well I sent them a letter today...we'll see what they have to say!

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