Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ironman Florida on TV!

Just watched IMFL on tv....thought they did a pretty good job with the coverage of the race and top pro's that day. I'm glad they once again mentioned Nina Krafts bad drug habits...her decision to use drugs shall haunt her forever...
Was really happy to see Sergio looking fantastic...which they showed him more! What a great run he had!
Listened to my kids saying every two that that you!!!!
I need to work hard on my swim this winter so I can get out on the bike and get some film coverage. My kids are starting to think I don't really do these races!

I'm in Florida for a few days...just hanging out with some friends. Went out last night,and stayed out way to late. I now know that I can't really balance the two as when I got a wake up call this morning to go swim...I desperately wanted to ignore it. Dragged myself out of bed and got the work done...but was not easy.
Home tomorrow...I need to get back on my schedule!

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