Thursday, December 6, 2007

Goodbye Team Timex!

Well I have not written in a few days as I got the very sad email from Ben that they had made the decision not to renew my contract with the Timex Team. Well as everyone knows in the triathlon world sponsorship deals close as of Dec 1st. Hence I have been scrambling to organize my future year. I was not totally surprised by this decision as my results have not been stellar this year due to all my injuries. But still I could not help but feel like I had just had my heart broken. My first reaction was but why? Well, I do understand it is a business and they need the best athletes to bring attention to their team. It is so tough when you are a dedicated athlete working so hard to get results and then you feel like you aren't good enough. Well this is only my second year as a professional in this sport and it is a learning curve for sure. I am realizing that this is not only a commitment to the training of the sport but you have to treat your sponsorship end as a business too. I am new to all this and I too shall learn from this.

I had a great time being a part of the Timex Team and I really enjoyed the friends I have made. They were a very supportive group that always got me what I needed. It was great to have the home base at all the races and a great mechanic Doug to work on my bike. This I will miss! I am working on my new sponsors for next year this week so I shall write soon.
So expect to see me in a new look for next year!

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