Saturday, December 8, 2007

18 weeks and counting down!

Well I've been working on my projected race plan for 2008. I am definitely planning on an early season Ironman, as I feel I would like to get a jump start on the season. I have strong thoughts of going back to South Africa and racing in my home country where I was born. I did this race two years ago and I loved it,despite the fact that it was super windy. It was an extremely long choppy one loop swim course. It poured with rain as I entered T1. I stood in the rain 5 miles into my bike and tried for 20 minutes to change a brand new zipp tubular as hundreds of people road by me. I then rode with only half a co2 in my tire for 110 miles. I loved the 3 loop run course although the whole way people were braiing. The smell of boerewors
(South African sausage)cooking was a bit overwhelming after 10 hours of racing,especially when I was start to really feel the lack of nutrition and you craving salt. Instead I was salivating over the thought of eating a boerewors roll which I hadn't had in a few years! My mom and sister had flown in from Durbs to support me andhelp me with Sydney, my daughter who travelled with me. They had never seen me race, so it was an amazing experience to be there. It was special to me as it was my first pro race too and I qualified there for Hawaii!!!!So as I have not been back home to visit my family and friends since then, it sounds like a great excuse to go home. Another thing that is tough about this race is the time change. They are seven hours ahead of the USA so you really start the race around midnight if you don't have enough time to get adjusted to the time difference. This too can be rather draining I definitely recommend at least being there 10 days prior ifyouare thinking of doing this race.
My other option is Ironman Arizona which is also April 15th. This race would be a much easier option for me. I have never done but I hear it can be hot and windy. I've seen the course and it does not look very exciting but I do have a few friends from the Jersey Shore doing it,(Chris,Tom,Big Mike,Jamie) so it would be fun. The whole HTFU team(Paulo,Jonnyo,Mariana, Will Ronco,Zach Ruble and Miranda) will probably be there too....double fun! I do not need to make up my mind yet so I shall see how the next few months go. This shall be a tough decision!
No matter what I decide it is never easy training for an early Ironman in New Jersey. The cold icy snowy rainy days are never inspiring. I shall do my best to get out on my road bike whenever it is sunny and 40 degrees. I shall ride my mountain bike when its 39 and below and I shall ride the trainer when its icy,snowing or raining. I too shall make two winter training trips to Las Cruces New Mexico to try get some solid warm training days in before Ironman.
Well I am yet to unpack my bike from Ironman Florida so it is time to get motivated and do so. Here goes I have 18 weeks and Ironman!

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