Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Back in training!

It's one month since Ironman Florida and I am back to a training schedule as of Monday. However last week in fear of the fact that I did very little at all for three weeks, I panicked and I actually got a solid 18 hours of fun training in with no real schedule.

My week of play included mountain biking 5 days...It always takes me a few days to get back into mountain bike shape. The guys that I ride with like to hammer in the woods, which for me means, biking all out,anaerobic for 2 hours. So last week was great as I either biked by myself or with my good friend Chris who had just got a fixed gear mountain bike. We spent some time jumping logs and just enjoying the woods and riding comfortably. Saterday was a great social ride with a few old friends coming out to join in the fun. It's been a grea week of mountain biking.
I too put in 4 days of swimming....My good friend and loyal swimming partner Maggie and I joined a friend who was preparing for a big meet. We jumped into her workouts. This put me straight back into the heart of swim training. My first swim day I was adamant that I was just going to take it nice and easy. After watching them for one day pushing all out in the lane next to me I was done. I had to join them. My new secret weapon for this winter was I wanted to work on my stroke. I am a retard when it comes to swimming anything other than free so I expressed this to my masters swim coach. He gave me a beautiful 10 x 100's IM set that almost killed me. After a week of fly sets my arms are exhausted but I am already feeling a little stronger.
Lastly I got a few good runs in. I shall be very weary of trail running this year as it was around January last year that I tripped on a root in the woods and all out football tackled a tree, dislocating my shoulder. It cost me 4 weeks in PT. So this week I gingerly ran in the woods a few times running with higher than usual knees. I too got a really solid 10 miles on Sunday...which I was not planning on doing. I had considered a local race down here called the reindeer romp that has a nice party after which I thought would be fun. The thought of trying to run all out for a 5 km was something I was not ready for. So instead my 7 mile run turned into a tempo ten miler that was quite enjoyable and I felt pretty strong.
So as Monday rolled along I was fully prepared for my first day back.

Its great to be back on a schedule. Every year my commitment to the sport grows. I am so ready to train as I want this year more than anything to succeed! I believe I can get the results I want and I am not afraid to work hard for it!

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