Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well I saw they did not take my name off the race list for made me a little sad to see it there... but on the other hand it just fires me up to get back to training.
I keep checking in to see how the pro race is turning out and also to see how my friends from NJ are doing. It's always fun too see how the race unfolds! In the mens race I am rooting for my South African buddy Raynard Tissink although it looks like Luke Mckenzie is having another great race. On the womens side I am hoping Heather Gollnick can run down the other women. It looks like it may be a close race between her, Bella, and a few other talented ladies!

Today in honor of Ironman I did my own little triathlon. A nice 3700 yard swim,followed by a 1hr30 mountain bike ride and a short 30-40 min trail run. Boy did I feel unfit! From 7.30 am when I jumped into masters, the whole workout seemed like a race. The ride,I felt the urge to go as fast as I could (staying safe of course), and the run I felt totally out of shape! It was however one of those workouts that are good for the body,mind and soul...It was fun and reminded me of the old days when this was my routine every Saturday.

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