Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hiking Dunnfield Creek Trail on Mount Tammany

On Thursday Tanner,Sydney and myself drove up to The Deleware Water Gap for a little adventure. As they had called for rain I was in no rush to get up there as my plan was to hike the following day. So we took a leisurely drive in the afternnoon and got up there just in time for a 3.30 tour of Lakota Wolf Preserve in Knowlten Township,NJ. Wolves are stunning animals and I was excited for the kids to see them up close in a natural surrounding. It was very interesting learning about them and lucky us got to hear them howl too.

After a good dinner,plenty jumping on hotel beds, and a game of Tricks and Spells we got a good nights sleep for our big hike.
As this was an adventure I relied on my inner GPS system to find our trail. Actually my plan was to stop at the Deleware Water Gap Recreation Center and get a map as I had done a little research and knew where I wanted to hike. However the center for some reason was not open so we headed to the next town over to find a map. I could barely find a store, or a person and thus definitely I found no maps. I told the kids we were just going to find a spot on the side of the road ,park and start climbing up the mountain until I drove up on Worthington State Forest. This is located along the Kittatiny Mountain adjacent to the Deleware river. My plan was to hike some of the Appalachian trail and this is what I had found! The kids were a little nervous about all the Bear warning signs but I assured them if we saw one just to drop their ever so special stash of powerbars,candy and chips that they had them with and slowly at first... then really speedily run in the opposite direction. This image provided alot of stories and laughter all day long!
My goal was to get to the Sunfish Pond which was named one of New Jersey's Seven Natural Wonders. To get their we would hike along a beautiful creek that falls over 1000ft from Mount Tammany to the Deleware river. We got pretty close to the pond but my kiddies fingers were starting to freeze as it was in the high 30's when we started and the temperature was dropping so to keep it a memorable happy experience even though I really wanted to see the pond I made the decision to turn. We got three slow but fun hours of hiking in! The kids were AWESOME!

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