Sunday, January 11, 2009

Miami/Football and plenty of sun!

Well, I just got back from South Beach to 32 degree weather...It was a great 3day escape from the winter and I managed to get some good running that was my extent of training. Miami was in the 70-80's and the suns ray's felt very good.
Hank and I met some good friends and college buddies and headed to the Florida vs Oklahoma BCS Football game. Hank was rooting for Oklahoma and the rest of the stadium seemed to be Gator fans. With another big loss for him it was a fun but bittersweet night. Highlights for Hank meeting Chris Collingsworth....Highlights for me seeing Dara Torres.
It was great to spend a few days relaxing. Running on the boardwalk and on the miles of hard sandy white beach along South Beach was a definite highlight for me...along with dinner at my favorite restaurant Joe's Stone Crab.....amazing!

Some of the cools rides at our hotel!

Running on South Beach


Al said...

Warmth and style. I sometimes imagine living such a warm climate where January running would be in nice 70 degree weather. Oh's going to be 35 today, joy!

Andrew said...

Lucky!!!! I cant believe you got to go to the game!

BTW, isnt the weather in Florida in January awesome?

Jacqui said...

Yes, Florida weather is amazing...that is why I am going back!