Monday, January 19, 2009

Making the best of the cold!

Due to the cold weather we have been having, I have been forced to ride on my trainer and do alot of my running on the treadmill since returning from Miami. This weekend with temperatures well below zero I met a few friends to do an indoor trainer session. We all had different workouts but it was fun just to have company and pass the time by with a few laughs. I shall be part of Riptide Cycling,Girls Team EPS/CSS this year and am hoping to do at least one time trial this year for them. I have not raced in one for a few years so it would be fun. It's nice to have this great group to train with too.
Today it was a little warmer and I was happy that the roads were not icy which meant I could run outside.I really enjoyed doing my hill repeats with snow flurries gently falling on me. The snow has been coming down on and off the last few days which has left everything looking very pretty. I ran through white trails in the woods and then looped back to the road to a steep hill. I did get some strange looks from passing cars as I charged up the hill but this is actually one of my favorite workouts. I then met my family for an hour hike in the woods which was alot of fun.


Danny Montoya said...

Hill repeats in the snow sounds awesome!!!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

This is a fun living room workout! My husband and I share a trainer. I think we should save up for a second. The winter is cold and long in Wisconsin!
:-) Sara