Wednesday, January 14, 2009

11 weeks to Ironman

Time is ticking by and a few of my friends are getting a jump on the season racing Pucon 70.3 this weekend. I am glad Paulo suggested that this race was too soon for me. I really needed a good break after a heavy racing load last year. My body was tired and I hopefully gave it enough rest so it can be stronger this year than ever before.
I have just started to pick up my training and add some harder work in there and I am liking the way my body is feeling. Swim workouts, after a few months of easier swimming with lots of strength training, are now building up and I like the power I have built up. Today's zone 4 run went well and once again my body felt very strong despite my legs being fatigued and sore from the previous 2 days work. It was cold outside and I chose to do my run on the treadmill where I could really keep an eye on my pace. I set the grade at 1.5 and held a 6.07 to 6.00 minute mile for the interval feeling pretty good. I did realize that this was not quite the pace I was doing on the Miami South Beach strip even though it felt like I was working hard. It definitely was not hard enough. I have to make every workout count. I am planning a training trip to Sarasota and Claremont in Feb for a 2 weeks so I can really get some good quality training in and some warm longer rides. My family will come and join me for part of it. I shall try do another training trip again in March too and then off to South Africa March 31st.
This time shall go very quickly. So for now FOCUS and HARDWORK!


Dee said...

Sounds like you are on track for a Rockin' 2009 season!! :-) Great to read your prgoress in training!

Danny Montoya said...

Good Job Jacquie!!

Keep it rolling through April!!