Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wow! What a hectic 2 weeks!

Well I can't believe it is only 2 weeks since Ironman Lake Placid.
I was lucky enough not to feel too bad after the race, as I knew I was going to get right back into a training as I need another race or two under my belt this August. I got a day or two of rest, a few lighter days and then I went back to a full training schedule. Last week I had 26 hours of training, with a long ride and a couple 10-13 mile runs and some good strength work.

It's been an interesting week, as after some heavier training and little rest I started to feel a bit beat up. I was such a big baby a few days ago and was whining and a bit cranky!!! Sometimes I really just need to think less and just do the work!!

Life with kids does not stop if you are tired or training a lot.
The kids have their own busy schedules with drama, singing,piano,football, summer baseball,field hockey, soccer camps and of course fun beach days...Last week we had friends stay over, friends came to visit us from out of town, and we had a fun night in the city ...
I too had to my daughters 9th birthday party and a fun day at a water park.....so it's been a hectic two weeks.

So now this week I shall continue to train and then I head out to Michigan on Thursday for Steelhead 70.3.
Looks like there will be a large group of pro women racing so it should be a fun race!!!

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Kel said...

Good luck at Steelhead!