Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Born with an Iron Chin...

Iron Chin
The ability to absorb punches when you get hit with a big shot and stay standing.
To remain on your feet despite seeing black flashing lights, blurred, double or triple vision and feeling a buzz that goes all the way to your toes.
Some say you are either born with a good chin or not. Other says it's a mental toughness that when your brain tells you to go down to the canvas you will yourself to stay on your feet.

The last twelve days I feel like I have taken a beating. From my crash on August 20th...that knocked me out cold! Leaving me with a broken clavicle and blurry vision.
With that came the harsh reality of my sudden end to my season and not been able to race IM Canada and therefore missing Kona . So much disappointment came with it but I accepted it and am moving forward.

As I came out of the blur of morphine and percocet I realized I could not walk. Once again an uppercut to the belly! From independent to bound to my bed...each step acute pain. With huge amounts of swelling, bursitis of the knee and a swollen ankle I assumed that was the culprit. But after 9 days of no walking Dr Goldberger from Advanced Orthopedics suggested I get a MRI of the hip.

On day 9 we made a painful trip with a mandatory evacuatiion my house to higher grounds to escape the potential flooding from Hurricane Irene!
Things were looking up as our house survived unscathed....Very thankful about that!!! Because I had visions of trying to clean up a flooded house...

Today I got to have my follow up appointment with Dr Goldberger to see how my clavicle was healing and he dropped the bomb that I had indeed fractured my pelvis.
Thankfully its a non weight bearing fracture but there will be no pounding for a few months!

As if that wasn't enough I have a nice tear to the I have my work cut out for me!!

Now that I think I have no more surprises coming....I am ready to get my healing going full force!
Dr G pulled out his knife today to cut away my sutures. After he saw me whimpering he opted for the much gentler looking scissors. He did a beautiful job of my surgery...

The plate looks like its holding strong although a small fragment escaped but he assures me it will find it's way back to the mother bone!

Next up I hit PT where dear friend Jimmy Smith welcomed me with a lesson in anatomy and added some exercises to my routine of swinging my arm in small circles. a movement that is so small but very painful.

Lastly I stopped at Active Release Therapy where Dr Liz Perez gave me a much needed hug and worked on my aches and pains.

So here begins the recovery process but I have no doubt that I will be back stronger as you all keep telling me!!! I will get back into the ring as soon as I can...Can't wait for 2012!


Kelly said...

Ugh...Jacqui, so sorry to hear about your surprise broken bone! Those are not the kind of surprises you like, I'm sure! You are doing such a good job of staying positive...keep that up, it helps you and countless others that have to pick back up from injuries like this! Love on your family and kids during this time...soak up all this time you have with them and find the blessing in your downtime. Thinking of you...

Bre said...

oh Jacqui...:( biggest (and very very gentle) Canadian hug ever. You are truly amazing and inspiring and so strong. Keep up the positive outlook- you definitely have an iron chin. 2012 is going to be incredible. Keep resting and healing :).

Keith said...

OUCH! You were on my list of people to follow at IMC, and had wondered what happened. I never dreamed it would be something like this. I'd thought it was simply a pro decision about scheduling and race allocation.

Heal fast, and try to stay strong through the recovery! Best wishes.

Jacqui said...

Thanks Kelly...I always justify anytime off as time to take a vacation with the fam..or time to spend some good quality time doing stuff with them....these last two weeks have not gone as all I have been able to do is sit...but I see the light and will soon beable to have that family time for sure!

Bre, Thanks for the hug!!!!I know you can relate to taking time off from injuries...PATIENCE!!

Thanks Keith Already planning 2012!!!

beth said...

Wow. True grace and class under such suboptimal conditions is the true mark of a champion both inside and out. You will conquer this all because you have relentless positivity and the will to recover.

Kel said...

Hope the healing is going well. You were in such good form pre-injury, you'll be able to bounce back even stronger!

Jacqui said...

Thank you Beth and Kei....Starting PT officially tomorrow...can't wait!!!!