Monday, June 20, 2011

Training Days up in Lake Placid!

I arrived at beautiful Lake Placid Friday afternoon! After hitting at least six thunderstorms which extended my drive by an hour or so... I was happy to take the turn for Lake Placid and see beautiful blue skies trying to peak through the clouds!

My favorite part of this drive is part of the Lake Placid Ironman course. It is part of the six km descent from the town to Keene. The view down by the water is always different. Today's drive was breathtaking and I had to stop for a few pics!

Once into Lake Placid the first thing I had to do was go for a quick spin around town. The sun was setting and I got some beautiful shots of Mirror Lake!

Black and White

Loved the colors reflecting off the water...Breathtaking really!

Sat morning I had arranged to meet friend, pro and uber cyclist Tara Norton and new pro Suzanne from Canada for a loop of the course.
I was amazed at their power as they had ridden a hard 2 loops the day before. It was great to have company and I was tempted to go do the climb up Whiteface mountain with them but I knew I had a hard second loop to do. It was awesome to see so many friendly cyclists and old friends out on the course and all the Fireman Camp support out there offering nutrition aid. Thanks Ted!

My day was solid...and besides some sore quads as I am really not used to mountains, I finished the bike strong and transitioned onto an awesome one hour run. My legs felt good so for that I am always grateful! The day ended with a mello swim. The water was a lot warmer than I expected and one loop of the course was just perfect to end the day.
Well what was more perfect was a great well needed dinner after way too many sports drinks and gels. I met Brian Hughes and his friend Dave from Fast Splits in Boston for an amazing dinner at a quaint restaurant called Cafe Rustica. I highly recommend it! The food was delicious! They were gearing up for an epic mountain bike race up Whiteface Mountain...a Leadville Qualifier and they both qualified! Impressive!!! STUDS!!!!

My day is never complete without some Recovery Pump action and so that is how my first day ended!

Day 2

This was going to be a big run focus day. Two loops of the Ironman course, a 2 hour bike and some strength work!
The run here is so pretty. Yes... there are steep hills, but only really two of them...all the rest is rolling and enjoyable! My first loop I did not take fluids and it was pretty warm out there. I thank Renee from the Sandy Hookers for sparing a little of hers out on the course for me before I was about to keel over!

The river running along the run course is spectacular....these photo's don't do it any justice!

My second loop was faster than my first so I was super happy with my efforts and all in all I had the perfect training day!!
I am getting so fired up to race this course again!

Dinner was at my favorite sushi joint opposite High Peaks Cyclery ...sorry don't remember the name! But trust me it is REALLY good!!!! Of course I over ordered...The Avocado Boat is unreal!!!! Just what I needed after many hours of training!

So today is a mello day after two big training days...I'm off to go do a double loop of the swim....which I believe is set up a little long right now. Someone GPS'd it and it is 1.6 miles ....I did not know Mirror Lake was even that therefore I guess i am swimming 3.2 miles today!!!! :-)

Happy Training Days!!!!


Bre said...

Suzanne is awesome- we roadtripped to Quassy together!
LP looks amazing- I love that you post so many pictures of race courses although I may have to stop reading as my "must-do" list of races is getting long ;) Or I might just stick myself into a suitcase of yours one day...hahaha
happy training in a beautiful place!

MarkyV said...

Great Pics!!!! You are taking after me!!!!! :)

Kelly said...

Seriously amazing photos on here; you must have a good camera! So jealous you are doing LP. Well, not that you are doing another IM. I don't think my body can handle over 2/year! But that is one I'd LOVE to do someday... enjoy your time there, also loved your IM TX report; keep it up girl!

Jacqui said...

Thanks Guys!!!! Mark I love taking photos...and Kelly 99% of them are taken with my droid phone as that is what I always carry with me when I am biking. I allow myself a few stops on easy rides to capture beautiful scenery...Its so important to not be so focused on your training that you forget to notice all the beauty around you....and how lucky we are to beable to do what we love!!!!!