Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Enjoying the calmer side of Lake Placid before Ironman!

I have spent an amazing 12 days in Lake Placid training. I am here three days longer than I would have liked as my car was acting up and ended up being towed to Burlington Vermont on Saturday. I had hopes of it returning on Monday. Now it's Tuesday and I believe it won't be here until tomorrow. So after some heavy training I have some easier days which I would much rather have had at home but am spending them touring the town of lake Placid.
Of all places to be stuck this is not a bad place to be...
I decided to make a little photo collection of a few of my favorite places that I have frequented while here!

The Chapel on Mirror Lake...Whenever I see this church I know I am almost done with my swim!

My swimming pool for two weeks...those are some big lane lines!

High Peaks Cyclery for all your last minute bike repairs and needs!

Gordo's Mexican Food! Quick and easy! With some delicious sweet potatoes!

Sunshine Bagels has been around for a while...they have newer owners but their wraps and bagels are really good for a quick lunch!

For those with a sweet tooth they have some unbelievable cup cakes here. One mini mocha baby cup cake was my treat!

Ashley's Cafe for a delicious breakfast and a whey smoothie!

The wall of inspiration!


Jamie said...

These are awesome pictures Jacqui! I've gotta get myself up there, even if it is just for a training camp and not to race.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Great pictures! Forget Ironman, I wanna just go hang out there!!!

Bre said...

dear jacqui. if I show up at IMLP this year tucked into Suzanne's suitcase, it's your fault for taking such amazing and lovely pictures and making it sound like a perfect location for a little weekend of training. ;)
enjoy your few well deserved days of easy recovery!
p.s. is IMLP course the one that you can see the bottom of the lake and there is a wire or rope that runs around the whole swim course?

Jacqui said...

Jamie and Jeff...Lake Placid is one of my favorites....it does rain a bit too much but it doesn't even matter when you are there...the scenery is just beautiful everywhere and the town is charming.

Bre...you have to come to LP to train and cheer for your friends!!! Ironman weekend is such a high energy weekend and their alot of people training on the course. Yes there is a rope around the swim course...and Mirror lake is one of my best spots for open water swimming! You need to come!!!!! Do it!!!!