Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quassy Revolution 3

Well Quassy has come and gone and I have to say...I LOVE this event!

The Quassy Swim Course

Trying to decide which of TYR suit to wear! The water was 69 degree's and crisp and clean!

The Quassy waterpark!

I knew the week before and traveling up to Quassy that this race was all about me going up to give a good effort after racing IMTX two weeks ago. After Texas my calves were taking their time recovering and I was very concerned as Quassy is not a course you can cruise through. Both the bike and the run are VERY hilly! Coach Jesse and I went through many times the best way to handle this race. The conclusion... with the stellar field and how I was feeling that it was best for me to not risk any injury.

It was so great to be at this event though. The Rev3 family is exactly that...a big family experience and this is apparent from the time you arrive. The music is going, the announcers are joking around and having fun and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly!It was great to see Charlie and Krista, Carole, Michael and the rest of the Rev 3 crew working hard and getting things organized and running smoothly!

David ,our homestay taking us on an easy spin of some of the bike course!

Stunning bike course with lots of hills!

I got to meet one of our sponsors Doug from Recovery pump who basically has changed my recovery program for the better.
If you have not heard of the pumps or tried them at any of the expos..definitely check it out They are amazing and I really believe after 5 times of using them my calves turned the corner and I am now, a week later feeling great!
Hangin at the Recovery Pump tent with Bre and Nic from Canada!

I was fortunate enough to meet a fabulous family ...The Carbones...David,Jill and their son Bryant who put me up for a few days in their lovely home. I had not stayed in a homestay in a while and I forgot what a treat it is to experience the race prep and day through their eyes. I thank you so much Carbone family for taking such good care of us athletes and making our Quassy experience so comfortable!

Pedro Gomes and Damian housemates!

My family arrived the day before the race and I once again really appreciated the Quassy set up and amusement park with them...I even got to to go on a few rides. They participated in the Kids Adventure race for the second year!! Once again they loved it! This fun race for them really makes them feel like they are a part of all the action!
Kids Adventure Race

Once again I thank Rev 3 for throwing such an amazing event again!


Bre said...

two years of Quassy...and there is a WATERPARK?! where have I been??
Had fun hanging out recovery pump style with you...I'm in love those things! love the pics of the kids and glad they had a blast!
You were a motivation for me during my race- coming from IMTX and everything,total inspiration to push myself!
Hope that you are recovery pumping those legs and fully recovered and back to training!

Kiersten said...

It was great to see you. Thanks for making the Team Trakkers Age Groupers feel like part of your family. Loved seeing your kids out there!

Jacqui said...

Bre I feel was good to see you too!!! I loved hanging at the recovery pump with you girls~~~
Keep up the good training and thanks for the nice words!

Kiersten..The Trakkers Team are family!!!! You all have such great energy and passion for the sport like myself! I really hope to make a team dinner and get to hang with you guys next race! Thanks for the support and see you soon!