Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank you!

Eric Wynn Photography

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Facebook/Twitter is great and it was so nice to hear from friends from all over the world, that took the time to say a quick hi and wish me. It really made me feel special!
It too was great being home to celebrate with my family!

My daughter wrote me a card that touched my heart and made me cry.
For those of you that did not see it on FB...It went like this

Love is possible...it is!
My angel!
"Buttiful,nice,great,talented,Ironman,helping,winning champ,comfy,sleepy(lol) and my perfect angel!
You are the best person in the entire world!"
Love Sydney!

I'll be honest I don't like getting older...I'm not happy about it at all....but I did have a fun rewarding birthday.

Winning a race always feels good...and making a decision to dedicate my race to Sally, to the people of Japan and to my good friend Basil who passed away from cancer last year was a good reminder to make it all count!!! Too push beyond...to hurt because we get to live another day, run another day and they don't!

Remember why you train....Why you race...Do what you love...Have passion!!! Celebrate with friends and family!
Make each day count..each workout count and each hug meaningful....because life is too short!

Racing... makes me feel alive...pushing myself,my boundries,pushing out of my comfort,challenging my mental and physical self...competing..I have always loved it! Training, being outdoors,with nature,feeling my heart beat and sharing it with like minded athletes and friends is my passion.

Watching my children compete is now equally as wonderful!
Sydney came home after my race and wanted to go running. Tanner rode his bike next to her while she ran a mile sprinting like her mom to the finish....she definitely has the running bug!

So life is good and I cherish every moment!


Jill Costantino said...

Happy Birthday! Congrats on the win and even better the motivation your kids get from you!

Jacqui said...

Thanks Jill!

Bre said...

what an awesome birthday card & present. Your kids sound like they are pretty amazing.
Loved your thoughts- so true about being able to race not only for yourself but for those who aren't able to.
I'm sure you get faster with age & looking forward to seeing you race this season! (you are doing some rev3 right??)

Jacqui said...

Thanks Bre
I will be at Quassy for sure. Knoxville falls a week before IMTX so I will not make that. I think Quassy is 2 weeks post IMTX so it won't be pretty...but I love that race...so I will be there!
How about you?

Bre said...

IMTX- yeehaw!!
Going to do them both! Unsure of what race b/c knee is still injured (no training run in 13mths). Saw specialist last week & said he would do a cortisone injection before Knoxville (since I've exhausted every other possible treatment...). If I can't run, then I'll aquabike & use them as a training weekend until I can run again!