Monday, March 21, 2011

St Paddy's 10 mile race report

Yesterday I raced the Freehold St Paddy's Day 10 miler. Every year I want to do this race but every year I have been in New Mexico training. So finally I got to add it to my schedule as I knew I was going to be around.
This was my first 10 mile race that I have run in probably 5 years so I was really excited to test out my fitness.
I have not done any speed work since last year so this was going to be a real test for me and I was quite nervous.

It was a brisk 38 degrees at race start with a cool breeze but I warmed up pretty quickly. I treated this race as I would a triathlon race and went in nice and rested, so I felt amazing at the start. I ran very comfortably and held back the first mile.
From then on I pushed hard and pretty much ran alone through mile 5. Mile 5 and 6 was a long climb but winter hill work paid off and I did not feel to bad. At mile seven I saw a girl about 400 yards behind me. I said to the guy next to me. It's my Birthday and I am going to win this race so I am going to have to push really hard now.
That is exactly what I did and managed to descend the last mile for a 6.09 mile...with a stop to hug my kids :-)

It was so much fun and it was great to see all my running friends. The atmosphere was great and it felt so good to actually race a running race. Big congrads to all those who raced...Tom One Shot for a nice PR and John P for impressing me with his running speed!

The Overall Result
First Women 6th Overall with a time of 1.02.39 Pace 6.17
Summary Pace per mile
1 00:06:17
2 00:06:08
3 00:06:26 Pulled back as I was worried I went to hard.
4 00:06:19
5 00:06:17 Climb
6 00:06:30 Long climb
7 00:06:15
8 00:06:20 Rolling hills
9 00:06:23 rolling hills
10 00:06:09

It was a great way for me to celebrate my birthday but what was even more special was that I was raced for others too.
I chose to support the fundraising for Japan.
The other was to honor Sally Meyerhoff who was a very talented marathoner and budding triathlon star who was recently hit and killed while riding her bike.
This was such a tragic event and I wanted to do something in her honor. Sally liked to wear pink socks so I wore some pink socks for her.
So while I raced I said a prayer for Sally and told her I was racing for her because I could.
It always feels good to race for something other than yourself

Thank you to BoB Both from the Jersey Shore Running Club for the awesome photos!

Next up Texas 70.3!!!


Bre said...

Congrats on the win and what a great way to celebrate a birthday (Happy belated Birthday)! Love that you locked it up with a 6:09mile and gave your kids a hug in that time! And I'm sure that Sally was there running with you- with matching pink socks. It's always nice to be able to run for something other than yourself.
Good-luck at Texas 70.3!

Chris said...

Great race Jacqui! And Happy Birthday. Always great to WIN a race on your birthday...and run a great time. So cool that you ran for others. Sally was smiling down from above I'm sure.

Jamie said...

Great race, a win, a mid-race hug, a birthday celebration and celebrating another amazing athlete. You are a multitasking queen Jacqui!

Happy belated!

Jacqui said...

Thanks Bre,Chris and Jamie!!!
I'll be honest I don't like getting older...I'm not happy about it at all....but I did have a fun rewarding birthday.
A win always feels good...and running for Sally and for my good friend Basil who passed away from cancer this year is a good reminder to make it all count!!!
Do what you love...have passion!!!
So make each day count..each workout count and each hug meaningful....Life is too short!