Monday, February 8, 2010

Today, I am thankful...

Well, that last post got me thinking of what I am thankful for.
Today I was most thankful for a slightly easier week of training. It's been a hard few weeks , of which I have been really enjoying. But I was happy to see things back off a bit this week so I can catch my breathe and renew my energy. I am especially thrilled to be feeling like I am getting back to shape. I am grateful to be healthy ,fit and getting stronger. I am especially happy that my neck only bothers me on occasions from my crash and not all day, everyday!
I am so thankful to see how everyone from the triathlon and running clubs, the school and local businesses in the community are coming together and supporting the Soles4Soles charity. I think I am up to about 500 shoes with 2 weeks to go. I am happy I made the decision to do this as I have enjoyed seeing my daughter show a real interest in helping. She really wanted to go drop off the shoes in Haiti herself and was disappointed when I told her that we were going to send them to Nashville and that Soles4Soles would get them to Haiti.
I am thankful everyday to be able to do what I love....swim,bike,run,be outdoors...even if it's snowing every 2 days in New Jersey.
I am especially happy that the things that make me happy in life are within reach always. I find the simple pleasure and always have in being able to see the beauty of things around me everyday. In these rough winter days when we are stuck on our trainers....because it's cold or's easy to get cranky. But I know that hard work is hard work no matter where it is and it WILL pay off...
Well I am very thankful to be on a new team this year....The Trakkers Elite Team and I look forward to representing them.
I am thankful as always to Coach Paulo who seems to say "no" alot...but I know is right most of the time.
Lastly I am so thankful to have great friends and a wonderful family that are always so supportive of me!

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Marcos Apene do Amaral-TriPhiloSophia said...

Don't worry, be happy! Loved the coach Paulo description! Keep the good days coming, MAA