Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chillin....or trying to anyway!

I have not blogged in a while as I have just been facing the reality that my season ended over such a silly unexpected crash! The impact of my fall took alot more out of me than I initially thought. I had visions that I would be back training within 2 weeks and would be able to continue my training for Ironman Florida but that has not been the case.
I have been in Physical Therapy 3 times a week and ART the other 2 days a week getting my body back to functioning correctly. I was very lucky to have no broken bones yet I still suffered alot of bruising and swelling and trauma to my neck,back,hip,glute,hamstring and shoulder. So it's been a slow process, although everyone keeps telling me it's been really fast!!! I am not pain free yet but I am getting stronger everyday and am starting to bike every other day and swim daily again. Running is still slow and short as I do not want to irritate my hamstring but I am running every other day too.

I have taken this time to really enjoy the family and we have been really busy the last two weekends doing things I love but at a slower pace :-)

Here are some of my favorite pics from the weekend. There is a race up here in New Paltz, NY called SOS, Survival of the Shawungunks. I have always wanted to do it so I thought we would come check it out. We stayed at the Mohonk house which was an experience in itself.

First on the agenda was to check out the trails on our bikes. This turned out to be a 4 hour ride in rolling hills with a few wrong turns and plenty of bribery going on...but the kids survived and loved it!

The long ride was followed up with eating like kings and queens. The Mohonk house gives you huge buffet breakfast dinners and lunches so you never go hungry.

Next day I got to do a short 30 minute run as the sun was coming up before heading out on a 3 hour hike/walk up to the tower which sits at 1400 feet and then down in some of the gorgeous trails they have.


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Train-This said...

There's plenty of Ironman races, and plenty of time. There's only one Jaqui and one mom to your kiddos. I bet they are so secretly glad that you are not racing IMFL becasue they got to spend an awesome weekend with you! There will be days when they are teens and they clip you in to your bike and say "See ya later Mom"!

Keep the healing, you will be stronger than ever for it!

Danny Montoya said...

Thanks for the update Jacqui! You're a Rockstar Mom!