Monday, October 19, 2009

Good decisions!

Coach Paulo decided I should take another 4 weeks off before I get back to training. This is a very smart as an athlete I would not have made due to my eternal desire to train and to race as soon as possible. This pressure I put on myself was actually hurting me as it was forcing my body to do too much too soon and setting me back. I am thankful to have a coach who always puts health first.
Therefore I have 3 weeks left where I am not to think of training,racing or triathlon. I have of course already broken that rule a few times. After skipping a few days in the pool I found myself today swimming with my friends and slowly pushing the set harder and harder. I had to really force myself to go swim behind them at a much slower pace, which I did. After no running for 5 days I attempted to run again...but I stopped at 1 mile! I have not biked in 8 days. Four weeks will go FAST and I told my Physical Therapist I will wait 4 weeks and no longer. He laughed and told me to tell my body that. Today was another painful session over the glute/hamstring area. Next week I will go get an MRI done of this section to see exactly what is going on.
I found myself tonight going over some racing pictures and reflecting on my trip to Ironman South Africa. I miss the excitement and energy of racing and shall use this misfortune to fuel my fire. I have big expectations of myself for 2010. But for the next few weeks I shall continue with my recovery!

Things I miss about training!

Swiming,biking and Running!

The beautiful sunrises on early morning training days!

How great it feels when things are going well!

The adrenaline of racing!

Being in shape!

I could go on...but I am sure you get the point!


Keith said...

Hi. The not training is tough in one way, but stick with it. Think of 'not training' as part of the training plan that is just as important as the running, biking and swimming. Love your blog!

Jacqui said...

Thanks Keith
I like that the big scheme of life...I am ok!The break is good for the body and I will come back stronger!