Monday, September 28, 2009

Two steps forward 1 back!

Today was another day of progress. I managed to find my old snorkel that I used to train with a few years ago. I figured that would allow me to keep my head submerged without having to turn my neck. I could then focus on my shoulder and my stroke. I managed to do 30 minutes of drills...first pulling under water,then getting my arm out of the water to do a fingertip drill and lastly managing to get my arm out of the water and pulling through all the way. I did not want to push things so I stopped after thirty minutes when I started to freeze in the pool.
I then spent another half hour in the shower and hot tub warming up which felt great!
It was such a gorgeous day I decided to head over to the reservoir for a little walk with the possibility of seeing how my neck felt running. This is the softest surface and one of the prettiest area's to run around here. I headed out walking and then started a slow shuffle. My first mile was 12 minutes,second 11 and third 10 minutes. I never jogged faster than a 9 minute mile. This is HUGE but a few hours later I was advised by my PT that running is still not a good idea. I have been getting pain which has got progressively worse the more I do in my glute. Jimmy is still thinking I may have hurt/torn a hamstring attachment. I have definitely got some bad bruising on my hip socket bone/and (ileum/ischiem bones) and glute and hamstrings have no strength. So today's physical therapy was so painful that I threatened to hit him if he hurt me anymore.
I am so achy from all the prodding to my body but will get a good nights sleep so I can do it all again tomorrow!


MarkyV said...

maaaaan, posse not doin' so good :(

Train-This said...

Way to allow your body to let you know what it needs and when it needs it...... it's a fabulous lesson for som many others who would be out there "No matter what" and end up causing long term damage! Keep the healing!