Monday, September 7, 2009

Farewell Summer!

My kids start school tomorrow and I am sad to say that summer just went by so fast this year. With a month of rain in June, July and August just flew by. So on this last weekend of summer I tried to do some of my favorite things.
Saturday was a gorgeous day for an ocean mile swim. I met my friends Ran, and Bernadette and we biked up to the race. At 6.30 in the morning the usually quiet roads were already busy with vacationers claiming there parking spots along Ocean Blvd. We arrived at the race to see all the usual ocean swimmers and friends getting ready for the last race of the year. The Sea Girt swim was meant to be yesterday but was cancelled due to rough surf. The ocean has been closed on and off all week so we were lucky on Saturday just to have a bit of a shore break. With my Blue Seventy speed suit on, as the water was still 72, I ran into the ocean and got pummelled by many arms and legs. The usual thoughts went through my head of WHY do I do these swims...but a few moments later when I found some open water I relaxed and enjoyed every second. I felt great and finished strong and was happy with my 25th overall place and winning my age group. These swims are so relaxed and it's always fun getting the old ice cream sticks to see where you placed. Next was a 1.30 bike followed by a 40 minute run with Vinnie along the boardwalk. Most of it was spent dodging people.
Back home everyone was lounging by the the rest of the day was spent soaking up some sun before meeting up with some friends for dinner!

Sunday I woke up feeling a little under the weather. Three hard weeks back in training was catching up to me and I woke with a sore throat. Lying in bed I could hear the wind blowing hard through the lagoon and I peeked out of the window thinking it was raining. By 5.30 I was up and out on my bike to meet up with friend Bob Reilly. I met Bob out in IM Arizona last year so it was nice to finally get a good ride with him. He was coming off of racing Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race in Colorado and was definitely strong. It was a solid bike day for sure with a bread and butter run a few hours later that didn't feel quite as solid. Later that day me and the fam headed out for smoothies filled with antioxidants(which I needed) and then for a long walk,some shopping and playing around Ocean Grove and Asbury Park. It was amazing and good to see Asbury so revived and busy.

Today, despite still not feeling great I put my game face on and headed to Long Branch again for a 5km race. First one I can remember doing in many years. This was my great idea instead of the hard Monday run I usually get. My legs were fatigued on the warm up and my pick ups were short and my legs flat. But I got on the start line with a few of my good friends and did what I had to do.
A few fast girls were there and they took off way quicker than me. I ran a 5.45 first mile and they were about 20 -30 seconds already in front. So I settled into a comfortable pace, which looking back in a 5 km there shouldn't be any such thing as comfortable or FUN and that is pretty much where I stayed at. I could see my friend Tommy a few yards in front of me for most of the run but no trigger went off in my mind to try surge and catch him. I paced myself off of a girl who I knew was a good runner and when she surged at the end I did not dig deep to catch her.
It was over quickly,way too quickly. I almost felt like I wanted to do it all over again at the finish...push harder. So hopefully I will get another chance this year to try run a little faster and feel the pain!I managed to get 5th place, a styling new beach chair and a small check :-) Great job to Tommy for second in his age group and his fastest run of the year!

Great job too Geoff too. It was great to see you out racing today. It's been a long time since we stood on a race line together!

Next up was a swim with Scottie D who has been training with Team TBB. 30x 100's was the workout and it was a hammer session. I felt great swimming but sad as the outdoor pool swims come to a close this week :-( There is nothing like training with the sun on your back.
Back at home I headed out with Hank and the kids for a long easy bike ride...later stopping at the fun fair for rides and games and a little ice cream.
A greatway to end the summer season.

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