Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nutrition Focus

I was very excited to receive my order of food from today. They are a New Jersey based company that makes healthy gourmet vegetarian cuisine that does not harm animals, the enviroment or themselves. It is all organic and I ordered the sampler which included a few vegetable soups,grilled mahi mahi steaks( made from soy fish), crab cakes (made from tofu),vegetarian flank steaks,manchurian pepper steaks, meatballs(made from vegetarian ground beef), and soy chicken cacciatore.
There were even some healthy soy chicken nuggets and hot wings for the kids.
They offer breakfast and lunch options too.

I look forward to trying these all out.
I had read Brendan Braziers "Thrive" book who wrote about the Vegan guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life. His plant based diet describes the benefits as lowering body fat and increasing muscle tone,sleeping better and more restfully,increasing energy and mental clarity and building a stronger immune system to name a few.

While my training is lower I will try this plant based way of eating and see how my body responds to it and how my energy levels are while working out.

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