Monday, August 17, 2009

New Race Plan

Well, alot of people having been asking me where I am going to be racing next! After me racing three Ironman back to back last year it seemed the obvious choice for many was that I would go race Ironman Canada or go back to Louisville to try get a spot for Hawaii. This always sounds like a great idea but it is very hard on the body and it may not always work out like it did last year. I felt very bad in Louisville last year and it was a struggle the whole run as my legs were still fatigued from IMLP and the 100 degree heat did not help either. It was a good lesson in mental toughness though. Coach Paulo was definitely against me racing and had suggested I wait a few more weeks and possibly do Ironman Wisconsin. I would have loved this but my son has been working hard for his own big event. I shall be proudly watching as he tests for his black belt that weekend.

So I have decided to go race the new Georgia 70.3,the last week of September and then head down to race Ironman Florida in November. I am not a big fan of the drafting that goes on in Florida but I shall be more prepared mentally for it this year. This is a good course for me as most of my training is done in the flats. I am 11 weeks out so this will give me plenty of time to continue gaining fitness,work on my running and get my nutrition dialed in.

I shall definitely miss racing in Kona this year but I will be cheering on all my friends from here in New Jersey.

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Andrew said...

Sounds like a training camp in Alabama will fit in v. well with the new race plan :)