Thursday, March 19, 2009

One day at a time! Workout by workout!

This is definitely the way to go at camp. My day definitely got better yesterday. Thanks for all the good thoughts. Chipotle was definitely in order and was our first stop after our swim workout. This huge mass calorie consumption made me over full but gave me the boost I needed to get me through my rest of my day.

Swim was tough...tough..tough with a 5100 yard workout. Lots of band,paddles,pulling,hard all out sets and drafting sets....alot of fun. We are all working very hard and putting everything into our workouts. It was fun to see

Later in the day we headed out to Saguaro National Park for a long run. I had a 2 hour zone 2 run to do and everyone else had 1hr30 with some zone 4 intervals. With temps in the high 80's it was hot in the park. Some of the guys turned within the first mile when they saw a rattle snake...I myself kept running and got a solid 1hour in the trails before heading out to the road to do a faster hour on the road.It was so cool running on thr trails with the cacti all around and the mountains closeby. My energy was very good and I felt strong the whole way through.Seeing those guys running towards me doing there zone 4 intervals was very inspiring and they all looked so strong that it pushed me to work harder and nail the workout!
A few pictures from the day.

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Fe-lady said...

you just jump over the rattlesnakes...they don't attack. Tell the guys.