Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Camp ended and I am back to reality!

I wish I could have kept up with my blog on the camp but I was just so tired at the end of each day that my writing was worthless. I have a dozen half finished blogs that never came into fruition.
To sum it up anyone who has never done a training camp should do one.

These are my suggestions before going to a HTFU camp.

Make sure you arrive having done ALL of your base work otherwise you will spend most of camp suffering big time!

It is really nice to know the people you are training with, so you don't mind making a fool of yourself when you're bent over throwing up because you pushed yourself so hard!

You really have to love your coach otherwise you may want to swear at him by day 5 of camp when he starts giving you second and third main swim sets!

Make sure you don't go to camp underweight as you will be constantly reminded to EAT...EAT ...EAT and by the end of camp you will have gained weight.

Don't go to Tucson if you don't like to will learn to embrace riding up a hill for 2 hours at a time...slow and steady! Love descending because there's alot of it too!

Have a sense of humour! Be prepared to laugh alot!

Sleep whenever you can so you can survive the week!

Do not be afraid to work hard!

Don't be a whiner! Nobody wants to hear it!

LOVE triathlon as you are going to live it everyday!

This was an epic camp! Tucson was the perfect place and Mount Lemmon was da bomb!
I really felt that the gains from this kind of training are huge and I look forward to seeing the posse have some awesome results!
Thanks Paulo for being our fearful leader and knowing just how much we could all handle without breaking!

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