Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kicked out of the gym today!

The trainers at the gym that know me told me to go home today. They strongly suggested me going to get hot chocolate with loads of whipped cream or icecream and NOT working out! Instead I was going from one cardio machine to the next as it was raining outside and cold.
I have been mountain biking, doing a little trail running and swimming. Does sound a little like schedule though and very short! Last year,after Ironman I went on a tennis kick and played about three hours of tennis a day. Paulo suggested I do something a little more related to triathlon. So my swim today was all about fun! The main goal was to do the least amount of actual swimming as possible.We never counted the yards and before anything got to boring we moved on.I did an easy 800. Then came 4x150's (50 LA 50 RA 50 swim) 4x100 (50 kick 50 swim) then 4x100 (25 underwater 25 swim 25 sprint 25 swim) next 4x125 IM and lastly 2x300 pull( breathing 7,5,3)with a 200 cool down. We chatted between each set and had FUN. We even had time for a steam and sauna after as we swam in the indoor pool that has all the cushy ammenities. The outdoor bubble pool is high school like but I like to use it when training as it is less crowded, longer, and slighty cooler with no water aerobics classes going on...strictly swimming!.
I couldn't forget the icecream suggestion so I did treat myself to a little pumpkin icecream this evening as I figured I deserve it!


Al said...

Pumpkin ice cream? Never seen that before. Nice treat for a hard season. I need to kicked into the gym.

Shawn and Tracy said...

Yummy, sounds great! I have not started back to training yet ;-) Monday is the day that off season ends.