Saturday, October 25, 2008

It hurts so good!

Yes, it is mountain biking season again and I apparantly SUCK! I LOVE it but I have such a bitter sweet relationship with this sport. I look forward to this time of year as I love being in the woods but I only bike as long as the weather stays relatively calm, which means above 20 degrees, not too icy, not too muddy, not too snowy. The terrain changes so much day to day with the different weather days. It really does keep it fun but challenging. Well the last two days have been extremely sandy and I of course due to my dare devil side are perhaps riding a little too aggresively and am making stupid mistakes.I have been trying a new Cannondale bike with bigger wheels which for some reason seems to make me more of a clutz in the woods than I have ever been. If anyone knows anything about mountain biking I would like to know what kind of bike I should be riding. I have a Cannondale Prophet...lefty which I know is too heavy for me. It is 35 pounds and full suspension. I weigh around 115/120 pounds and am always working to stay with a fast group. I don't mind it as I feel it makes me stronger but it may just beat me up! The full suspension is probably not neccesary as I am not really doing any major downhill riding.
The new bike I am trying weighs around 28 pounds and is a hard tail. It has 29 inch wheels and is the caffeine model. I still battle to lift the front wheel for bigger logs and I have fallen twice and for some reason the crank seems to be coming down and shredding my legs. I have never had this happen before and I am thinking it has something to do with those big wheels? Hence the beautiful shark bite pictures.
Any suggestions????

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Shawn and Tracy said...

So fun to be enjoying some other forms of riding. Wish I could offer some suggestions but this is not my department. I am still looking for a Mt. Bike in my size. I think I'll go with a kids model ;-)