Sunday, October 12, 2008

Don't try this! 3 Ironman and 1 70.3 in 10 weeks!

Well I am thrilled to say I had a respectable day out there yesterday with a very solid time! I felt surprisingly good and thanks to coach Paulo he really nailed my transition between the IM Louisville and IM Hawaii so that I actually felt good race week and had no physical complaints at all race day.
My race was full of excitement,drama and alot of fun.I even managed to get a 4 minute run PR and felt amazing for the first 13 miles. Pity it wasn't a half! I was so inspired by all the great talent out there, the crowds, the HTFU posse and my family and friends of course! I am so happy to have been a part of this race again and shall post a race report soon. For now i am off to spend a week with my family on the island and shall enjoy a much needed and deserved break.Thanks for all the support !


Judy said...

Okay - have fun on the island - and hurry back with your report. I had fun following everyone yesterday and was pleased to see everyone do so well, and never mind those conditions!

BreeWee said...

ENJOY chica, you deserve a little break :)

Oh, I have the most fun photo of you, I posted it on my blog, copy/paste it if you want it or I can email it to you... your smile is HUGE! looks like you were having a blast!

GREAT race!

Al said...

Congrats on a nice race especially with the would be interesting to see which was harsher Kona or Louisville this year?

Dee said...

You are one tough chick! ;-) AWESOME season Jacqui...enjoy some much deserved R&R!!

Danny Montoya said...

Way to hang hang tough and have a great finish Jacqui!

Awesome to see you!!

Shawn and Tracy said...

Jacqui it was so fun to train together this past week and have a team mate to calm the nerves with. Enjoy some much deserved rest with your fam and we'll arrange a camp in the future!!! ;-)

Shawn and Tracy said...

OMG you must be enjoying your vacation because you have not updated the blog :-( Could you think about those of use who have nothing else to do but hide from yucky weather.....;-) LOL

rr said...

Congrats Jacqui - it was a brutal day and you set a run PR? Incredible :) Wish I had seen you to chat, instead of just on the course.. have a fun vacation.