Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Race Schedule

I have been getting back to my training and feeling pretty good. Every workout I am itching to go faster and I have been enjoying riding with good friends. We really have a great group of triathletes here and its nice to know that most mornings or evenings you can catch a group ride. Its been fun seeing all my friends achieve great results this season.
I, with Paulo's support have decided that I shall race Ironman Louisville in three weeks. This is something that I was already thinking about the day after IMLP and after seeing how my recovery is going I am sure of my decision. I shall race Timberman 70.3 next week as part of a bigger training week. This shall be a really tough race as not only is it a challenging course but the womens pro field is unbelievable. It will be great to race against Chrissie Wellington, Kate Major, Pip Taylor,Dede Griesbauer, Karyn Smyers to mention a few names. These girls are all gearing up for Hawaii and they should be at the top of their game. I shall race my little heart out and it shall be interesting to see what I have in the tank come
race day. I look forward to the next three weeks as I do love to race and I love the Ironman experience.
I shall go up to Timberman with a great group of friends and it shall be a fun weekend. Keith puts on such a great event up there and they really go out of their way to make it one of the best 70.3 races out there.


Al said...

I guess that's just another thing that make pros...pros being able to race multiple Ironmans within months of each other. Super cool...and good luck with the training race at Timberman 70.3

Dee said...

Great decision Jacqui! GOOD LUCK in Timberman and especially in IM Lousville! :-)