Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ironman Canada 08

Today was my last longer workout 4 hour bike 30 min run...thank goodness as I am racing Ironman Louisville in a week. The ride/run was solid and it was a good way to finish the week off.
I raced home to watch Ironman Canada. Great job to all the posse that competed. Marky V made things exciting on the swim and bike and Tracy really had a great race finishing 7th overall in a tough womens field. Belinda Granger is awesome!
I took it all in knowing that in a week I will have my turn. I leave on Tuesday and have alot to do before then. I look forward to getting on the plane and getting the race week started.
I've had an awful case of swimmers ear with middle ear infection, probably from the gallon of soapy water that poured into my car a few days ago while trying to close my sun roof going through the car I've had a few sleepless nights due to the pain so I hope it goes soon. If anyone has a natural remedy for ear pain do let me know....otherwise antibiotics it is!

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