Friday, August 29, 2008

2 Days to go!

I have not been getting very good internet connections thus the lack of posting. I am back from a great dinner with friends and I happen to see the hotel lobby computer. So I shall sneak a quick blog in. I can't believe race day is around the corner. Two more sleeps!!!! I always start to get a little nervous starting around pro meeting time as this is a good time to check out the competition. There are always a few late signups that aren't on the list like Bree Wee and Hillary Biscay. As there are only 2 spots allocated for this race and 16 women racing this shall be another tough race to try qualify for Hawaii! Well every Ironman is tough, and every pro girl is talented and so I shall race my race and give it my best effort as usual! It seems like it is going to be a HOT day. After a cold rainy Lake Placid I will not allow myself to complain about this!
I have managed to drive most of the bike is quite hilly, more so than I was expecting and the run couse seems very flat and should be fun. The swim today was very calm and the water very warm. I am actually glad wetsuits are not allowed! I have had one great massage and a little ART since being here and my legs seem to be feeling alot better.
I shall go now and get a good nights sleep as tomorrow shall be a little hectic.


Shawn and Tracy said...

GO JACQUI, GO!!!! Do your thing and everything else will take care of itself ;-)
I'll be cheering from my monitor.

Jodi said...


I will be pulling for you on IMLIVE. You can do it!