Friday, October 28, 2011

First Block of training!

It is hard to believe that my first block of training back with Coach Jesse Kropelnicki of QT2 Systems is almost over.
I have made HUGE progress from where I was a month ago. This week I feel like I have made the jump from recovery to training. I have been testing the body and seeing how my injuries hold up.
I am still in Physical Therapy 3 x a week and working on a solid winter strengthening plan. I am still being treated for discomfort and weakness in my shoulder,scapula and tricep ,hip bursitis and knee chondromalacia.
So all is not perfect yet but I am 1000 times better than I was 10 weeks ago!

My big news for the week was that I got to see my Orthopedic surgeon Dr Gerry Goldberger and he took a good look at my new xrays of my clavicle. Then with a BIG smile on his face he said that my bone is 100% healed. It was hard for me to look past the big metal plate and screws but I could see how the fragments have joined together and the bone is becoming whiter. Once again I am so grateful to have had a friend and fellow triathlete to work on me and guide me through this process!

So moving on..I have been doing endless drill work in the pool getting my swimming stroke back and I am SO ready to start real swimming again. But I was told that I have to keep my volume down and my speed at 80% for two more weeks as my rotator cuffs and scapula are still weak.

My biking has been progressing every session and i am getting some power back. We have had some pretty decent weather in NJ so I have got a few good outdoor rides. Although this weekend I am bound to the trainer with the threats of a crazy rain/snow storm.

Running has developed from the Alter G to the grass..from the grass to the treadmill and I am now up to a one hour run on the road. Its developed from a shuffle to a jog to a run.

So all in all I am feeling very good.

I will be posting my schedule soon for my first few races. The first one is up in the air as I probably wont be ready...It is a very ambitious plan but Coach Jesse and I will decide in 2 weeks if I will be ready. It will be strictly a fun race intended just to get my feet wet again. My next race will be one I have always wanted to do...and I am very excited at the possibility of going there. The third one I have done before and I am so looking forward to going back there. The fourth one is one of my favorites and is a race that means a lot to me!!! So an exciting schedule planned! Lots of fun for 2012!

My focus continues to lower my body fat and build back muscle and make sure I am hydrating and fueling perfectly pre,during and post workouts.
Today for my four hour indoor trainer ride I drank 5 bottle 1000 calories of First Endurances EFS and 400 cals EFS Liquid shot. I also ate a bar which gave me an extra 200 cals for a total of 1600 cals. After I recovered with 2 large scoops of Ultragen, and an hour after that had a packed with antioxidant spinach and mandarin orange salad, a portobella mushroom burger sandwich and a bowl of squash....
After I sat in my Recovery boots for an hour. A perfect training session!

Happy Fall!


Kelly said...

So glad you are feeling back to normal! I love the pics of the kids!

Keith said...

That is super that you're getting back into the training groove! Hope things continue to go well for you. Why do I suspect with the drill and slowly building you're also working on technique, and will be faster than ever?

Bre said...

I'm finally getting caught up on bloggy reads and realized you had posted an update! you are truly awesome. I'm so happy for you right now- aren't you so thankful for the amazing fall weather we have been having?
Look at all the race schedule talk for 2012!!! love love love it! I think I have a few guesses for those where those races might be.
DOes race #1 involve cocounuts?Does #2 involve a sister visit? And does #3 involve a race I've been to before? I hope it does, because I'm looking forward to cheering you on!!

Mary Eggers said...



I hope you will be at camp! I am smelling a comeback interview!