Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick Update!!!

Well I survived 6 weeks of no training and I am happy to say I am still smiling....

I had my follow up appointment with Dr Goldberger from Advanced Orthopedics in Freehold NJ this week! It was six weeks Sat since my crash!

The X Rays showed that my clavicle looks like it is healing well and soon I will be able to do some weight bearing on it but for now still loading up on lots of PT with tons of strengthening/ROM exercises!!! So for another 2 weeks I will do more of the same boring stuff....but I do see progress every day!!! I am doing really great with my recovery and am really happy with how things are going!

I have being going back more to Coach Jesse's QT2 Systems "Core Diet" which I really like! For more info on it go to . Although I have been indulging in sweets( icecream/carrot cake/chocolate...whatever my heart desires!!!) pretty much everyday for 6 weeks I feel like I have managed not to put on too much weight as I am eating alot of good nutritious foods all day! Keeping my metabolism burning and healing my injuries at the same time! Although I have lost ALOT of muscle mass and have definitely put on some extra body fat! Not always a bad thing in the winter!

I make sure I am getting an ample supply of fruits and vegetables everday! These are healing foods with all the vitamins and antioxidants!

Sydney and I made an amazing granola filled with coconut,and walnuts, pumpkins seeds and cranberries. Delicious with milk , yogurt or alone!

It has been great to get back into the pool and my stroke is coming along nicely. Week 4 was strictly one arm swimming a few times a week but this last week I managed to work my way through a full range of motion. It was quite painful as my back is very weak and I have a bunch of scar tissue in my shoulder and scapula and tricep/biceps. But the feeling of swimming far out weighs the pain. Dr Goldberger told me to pull it back a touch and make sure I still keep with a modified stroke for the next 10 days. So no trying to push it.
Its been frustrating but my doctor assures me that I need to take the time to recover as the clavicle break was really a bad one and we need to ensure it heals 100%.

I have done a few easy rides on the trainer...Definitely time to pick it up a notch. My beautiful Kestrel has two big cracks in the top tube so this bike will become my permanent trainer bike! Dr G gave me the green light to go in my aero bars and ride a little longer. So time to get back to work! No riding on the road for a few more weeks though and I am ok with that!

I also was very excited to run on the Alter G on Thursday! Now this has definitely been my highlight for the week. The Alter G is an amazing piece of equipment developed by NASA and it enables you to run at a percentage of your body weight. The zero Gravity enables you to dial in exactly how much pounding you can handle. I am so excited to have found one of these at Overlook Hospital in Summit NJ. So twice a week I will be driving the hour to get a little no impact running in!

We recently headed to NYC and seeing I can't wear heels very well I was walking around in my sons sneakers prior to leaving the house...he snapped a picture of me as I looked like such a goofball!

Lastly I had a great weekend announcing at two local races. Saturday was the kids race and I just loved this event. I am always training or racing so it felt great to go and meet the kids and cheer them on! The kids were so excited and there energy was so good for me too. It really got me pumped up, announcing and being in that race atmosphere. Love it!!! Getting excited to train again!!!!!


Bre said...

You are amazing :) Love the Alter G- how cool is that. It's like water running but wayyy cooler! Definitely going to look at the core diet website- maybe it will give me something to work as I wait for the MRI to determine my hip's fate! Poor Kestrel :( but yay for the aerobars!!
I have a question for you about getting back on the road again- how do you mentally come back from a crash? I'm just wondering- I still freak out a bit on mountain descents from crashing there- time helps but what do you do to overcome that?
Can't wait to watch you rock 2012!

Jacqui said...

Hey Bre So bummed you have to wait so long for your MRI...How do you feel right now..Where is your pain these days?
As far as coming back from crashes and riding. People always say try get back on the bike as quick as possible. I unfortunately am still not allowed to ride on the road for a few more weeks so it will probably be almost 3 months of no road riding. Not the ideal situation but once I am allowed to go back on the road I will probably go out by myself or one other person on quiet roads the first few times. I know I was a bit jumpy for a week when cars came to close to me....even though I was not hit by a car either crash I have had. Lastly try stay relaxed and think about how much you love to ride and how many times you have ridden your bike with no issues. Don't think about the crash at all! I will let you know how it goes when I finally get on my bike!

Robin said...

Looks like your injuries are not slowing you down. You'll be back in the full swing of training in no time. Continue to heal.