Monday, February 28, 2011

Rev 3 Race/Nutrition Report Costa Rica

Rev 3 ROCKS!!!!

After 8 days of a lot of vacation and a little training.... race morning finally rolled around.
I got a 4am wake up call. Room service arrived. Cereal, OJ,banana's, toast and jelly.
All I really felt like was my First Endurance Ultragen that time of the morning. But I sat on the verandah eating a slice of toast ,jelly and a banana, I decided that I needed caffeine so I made a cup of coffee too.
I filled a bottle of Ultragen which I would sip on until race start. I decided to race with 2 bottles of EFS although for an Olympic one was more than enough.

The race start was mello and all the pro girls were chatty. I got my Kestrel ready to roll in transition. I then checked and rechecked my gear...Always a good idea first race of the season. After a little warmup run where I almost twisted my ankle in the dark I decided I would just chill at the room until 6am and then I strolled down to the beach.

The energy was good down there and after a warmup swim, a quick sip on EFS liquid shot, we were doing the count down to the swim start.
I knew my swim was not going to be super as I don't have that short course speed and secondly I had not been in the pool doing any speed in ten days. So I just put my head down and tried to swim as hard as I could. Team mate Amanda Lovato and I kept each other company and we headed onto the bike ready to hammer and catch the girls in front of us.
The bike was a challenging fun course with a 200m gravel section and then straight into a long steep climb. I made the rookie mistake of not shifting into my easiest gear, and not wanting to take my hands of the bars so I just grinded my legs to the top. This was not what I had practiced and I had to laugh at myself because there was a second where I thought I may not make it.
I had seen age groupers walking in the days leading up to the race but with all eyes on my I sucked it up!
Once on the flat I quickly got into a comfortable speed. I kept reminding myself that comfortable was not where I should be...and pushed harder and harder. Descending the ride and catching and passing two girls, with two more in my sight.

I felt good about my bike and headed onto the run carrying a liquid shot flask with me. For the first two miles I sipped on the shot and water.

The run headed out straight onto the beach....a beautiful section overlooking the ocean where I had taken stunning pics the day before. I reminded myself to focus and push hard. I had not seen the whole run course and did not realise that most of the course when it was not on the beach was up a long hill and then up a steep hill....a nice little surprise! I was happy for the hill work thar I had done in training.

With one loop to go I passed two more girls and ran hard towards the finish. My kids were there waiting for me and asked if they could run with me.
I grabbed their hands and ran for the finish, placing 7th in the women's pro field!

What more could we ask for than ice baths and fresh coconut water at the finish line! What a way to end a fantastic race experience!

As always the first thing I did when I got back to my room was have my Ultragen smoothie to help with my recovery. It worked with no sore legs the next day!!!

It was a brutally hot day, getting up to 104 degree's and later I went back to the race to cheer on the guys doing the half.

We ended our day by relaxing at the pool then heading out on a sunset ATV ride.
A great way to finish off our trip!

Big thanks to all the guys from Rev 3 who worked so hard to put on a great few days of racing and to my team mates for racing so well!
Everyone needs to put this race on their calendar as a great winter escape!


Kiersten said...

Thanks for sharing Jacqui. Your pics are amazing!bakin

Jacqui said...

Thank you Kiersten. It was a great trip!!!
How are you liking the recovery boots? I finally got my order in!~