Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Costa Rica Revolution 3 trip Part 1


Loved the riding out many big hills to climb!!!

I cannot believe the inaugural Revolution 3 Triathlon race was a week ago already. My family and I are still having flashbacks of all the good times. Like missing the sun,the pool,the sounds of the ocean, the massages on the beach and the fresh air to name a few!
Costa Rica was a dream trip and Rev 3 race was exciting and challenging! Both first class and the result one happy family! Which ultimately makes me very happy! Racing can be tough on the family so when they get to go and reap the benefits in beautiful destinations...all the better!!!

I have to say I was truly proud to be a part of the Revolution which focuses on bringing outstanding and fun experiences to all who are racing and the supporting families.
It was decided over Christmas that we would make this our big family trip and it never disappointed! Costa Rica was the perfect place for a get away and the most beautiful place for a race.
There is nothing better for us athletes that work so hard at our sport to beable to race in beautiful surroundings. You can feed off the elements and it makes all those hard cold weather training so worth it. Being able to share the experience
with your family makes it all the better. I have been to a lot of solo races without them and it is always nice to have their support.
It brings a different dynamic to my race. It puts things in perspective because at the end of the race no matter how it goes I still have my children there with big open hearts and smiles, so proud and ready to run with me over the finish line…so excited for me and happy!

Costa Rica is one fantastic place. Everyone kept saying "Pura Vida" to me before I left and I was not prepared for how free and what a great escape this would be. In a time that we all really needed it.
I had come back from a solid ten days of training in New Mexico and had picked up a bad cold that kept my training very inconsistent. We have had a brutal winter and the whole family was ready for a warm weather escape.
It felt great to get off the plane and quickly change into shorts and Tshirts….Love it!

I immediately fell in love with Costa Rica. The pretty beaches,palm tree's, the simple life that everyone leads. There was no cell service which meant a break from the constant calls and internet time was cut back a lot!

Our days were spent pool side,at the beach, zip lining through tree tops and riding horses on the beach. Many experiences and memories to last a life time.

We went out a week before the race and I ventured out onto the Costa Rican roads with no cell service . I have to say I was a little apprehensive for about five minutes but then I fell in love with biking there. I got some phenomenal climbing in with hills that reminded me a lot of the beast in St Croix. My family escorted via kayaks on a few open water ocean swims where I treasured swimming with an array of colorful fish within inches of me.

Running too was so therapeutic. When you run solo it allows for a lot of introspection and running on beaches in beautiful places evokes such a feeling of nostalgia to why I love to run and the freedom it gives you. The things you can see and discover, the sunrises you see, the quietness of the world waking up,birds chirping, nature at it's best. The best therapy you can have. With no watch on I would just run on feel, breaking out into intervals of pure highness on life!

Ok so I have got a bit off track what I really want to talk about is the Rev 3 race!

Five days before the race we made the trip to Playa Conchal to the race site. Nobody knew about the triathlon yet and I had to explain that before they knew it there would be hundreds of people wearing skimpy clothes ,drinking energy drinks and riding bikes taking over the area.They did not seem to convinced. but checking into the race hotel on Thursday the atmosphere was changing. The Costa Rican guys all wanted to touch and lift up my Kestrel. It stood at the entrance of the hotel carefully guarded all day.
I went down to the beach for a open water swim and met a few nice guys and we did a beautiful ocean swim. The race hotel was absolutely perfect...all inclusive and they gave me a room within steps from the race start. I was ecstatic!

The few days before the race people were rolling in. It was so much fun to go down to the race expo and see how excited the locals were getting for the race.

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