Monday, May 3, 2010

Gearing up for Rev3 racing!

Well this weekend I will head to Knoxville to the much anticipated inaugerel Rev 3 Olympic race.
I am looking forward to this race for many reasons.
1. I get to re-unite with the Trakkers Team and am looking forward to meeting Charlie.
2. I get to meet all the cool age grouper Team that have sent me nice messages.
3. I get to see Heather G, Tom O, Eric B and my buddies Scottie and Brian will be there.
4. I get to race out of my comfort zone...Olympic races always scare me as they are SOOO short and fast unlike Ironman....but I am always up for a challange.
5.I get to visit a new town and meet a new homestay.
6.I get to see how Rev 3 puts on a race...looking forward to the excitement of race day!

I was hoping to drive down with my family but we decided to save the family trip for Rev 3 Conneticut where the drive is much more managable. Rev 3 is really looking to keep the families busy with big screen movies at night, cool adventure racing for them the day before the big race and computers set up so families can track their athletes race day.
It's going to be awesome!

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